Bathroom Mobility Aids

Evans Hearing and Healthcare stocks and supplies a large range of bathroom Mobility aids that can really help you to stay independent. The bathroom is naturally somewhere you need to be independent where possible and below you will find some of our most popular products to help you to achieve this. From a simple grab rail to a powered bath lift or even a wet room conversion, Evans Hearing and Healthcare can help!

Bathroom Mobility Aids

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    Our Most Popular Bathroom Mobility Products

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Raised Toilet Seats

    Our Raised Toilet Seats are ideal if bending and sitting are causing any problems. They are wipe clean and fit safely and easily to your existing toilet in either 2″ or 4″ heights. 6″ is available to order.

    2″ only £27.00 Ex Vat

    4″ only £30.00 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids


    You don’t have to miss the luxury of a relaxing hot bath just because getting in and out of the bath is an issue!

    Our powered Bathlifts simply stand safely in your existing bath and work on a rechargeable battery. They are totally safe and designed to get wet so you can be lowered gently into the bath and at the press of a button be lifted back sit a sitting position. We can even bring one to your home to let you see the Bathlift in place in your bath if you want!

    Special Offer Price £375.00

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Bath Stool

    Getting out of the bath becomes much easier if you are raised up and you can use the strength in your legs as opposed to just your upper body. The stools come in 6 / 8 or 12” heights and
    simply position in your bath on four strong rubber suction pads.

    From only £45.00 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Incontinence Pads

    We have a full personal care range in stock and our friendly staff can discuss any problems that you are having. For bulk orders, we can also deliver. Our Incontinence pads start at just £4.50 per pack and we offer standard pads, nappy pads and all-in-one pull ups.

    We also offer disposable and washable bed and chair pads along with mattress protectors.

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Grab Rails

    We stock and supply a range of Grab Rails for various applications. Due to different fitting needs they are not supplied with fixings.

    • 12” / 18” or 24” Sizes
    • Plastic or Metal options
    • Indoor or Outdoor use
    • Suction models available

    12″ (30cm) Grab Rails from only £9.50 Ex Vat

    18″ (45cm) Grab Rails from only £10.50 Ex Vat

    24″ (60cm) Grab Rails from only £14.50 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Toilet Support Frame

    Adjustable in height to fit around toilet this free standing support frame is strong and simple – just offer the frame up to the bowl of your toilet. The frames are often used in conjunction with a raised toilet seat.

    • Height Adjustment : 12”to24”
    • Aluminium Frame

    £57.50 Ex Vat

    (Code 9447)

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Toilet Support Frame & Seat

    A combined frame and toilet seat raiser. Adjustable in height and simple to clean.

    • Height Adjustment : 12”to24”
    • White Aluminium Frame

    £97.00 Ex Vat

    (Code 29681)

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Arm or Leg Cast Protector

    A simple covering to keep an arm or leg cast dry when having a shower.

    Arm – £14.99 Ex Vat
    Leg – £17.50 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Shower Stool

    A shower stool allows you to sit safely whilst in a shower cubicle. You don’t need to worry about slipping or falling, simply enjoy your shower! A corner option is available.

    • Height Adjustment : 12”to24”
    • White Aluminium Frame

    From only £45.00 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids


    An adjustable commode supplied with a toilet seat and bowl under the seat. Powder coated to make cleaning easierand simple height adjustment for convenience.

    • Seat Height Adjustment : (42cm to 62cm) 16.5” to 24.5″
    • Brown or Blue frame.

    only £69.00 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Long Handled Sponge

    Make cleaning your back or feet much easier in the bath or shower with our long handled sponge. The handle can be bent to give a different angle as required.

    • Length 20”

    £10.50 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Bed pans and Urinals

    Bed pans and male and female urinals for use where it’s not possible to get to a toilet.

    Male Urinal – £8.25 Ex Vat
    Female Urinal – £7.49 Ex Vat
    Bed Pan – £12.50 Ex Vat

    Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Bed and Chair Protectors

    Washable Bed and Chair Protectors absorb any urine which can then be washed and tumble dried. Invaluable to protect expensive furniture and mattresses. We also stock disposable versions for convenience.

    Washable Bed Protector – £17.50 Ex Vat
    Chair Protector – £12.50 Ex Vat
    Disposable Pads from only £7.50 per pack