Stairlifts and Through Floor Passenger Lifts

Why move house when you can have a STAIRLIFT or a THROUGH THE FLOOR fitted?

We often hear stories of people downsizing or moving into accommodation simply because they can’t access the upstairs of their house. For many, this means they can’t get to a bedroom or bathroom so they think the only option is to move from their home. Not only is this incredibly expensive, but it’s also not necessarily the only option….

Stairlifts can be fitted to your staircase usually within a few days and what’s more, it involves almost no inconvenience or mess – there’s no building work and in a lot of cases because most lifts work on a rechargeable battery there’s no electrical work either!

A Through the Floor Lift may sound extravagant or something that only the rich and famous can have but we can fit one or two person passenger lifts into your home and in most cases it will cost less than moving house!

Our experienced team can assess your staircase and professionally install a lift at your home – we will need to conduct a survey and give you the best advice. If your staircase is straight, we may even have a reconditioned stairlift model available, but we would need to ensure it’s possible first. We can fit almost any stairs quickly including curved stairs or even spiral turns.

Our Free Stairlift Survey at your Home

Why is this important and What is involved?

  1. Our experienced surveyor will determine if your staircase is compatible with the installation of a stairlift and take all the key measurements.
  2. We will discuss and take into account your requirements, plus any potential obstacles that may need addressing like doors, radiators, handrails, etc to allow a totally safe and neat installation.
  3. You will receive an accurate quotation with no nasty surprises. Sometimes you may have the option of a reconditioned model being fitted once we know the measurements of your staircase.

A thorough stairlift survey is usually a fairly short process but it’s a very important step for us to get things right for you.

See & Try a stairlift at one of our centres!
New and Reconditioned also available!
Stairlift Survey

Stairlifts Installation

  1. Clean
    Our engineers won’t make a mess! Your stairlift will fit neatly to the top of your staircase so you don’t need to worry about major building works, lots of dust or any tidying up – we will take care of everything and you won’t even know we were there!
  1. Quick
    Your stairlift installation is usually completed within a morning or an afternoon. We will confirm a convenient time and date with you and take care of everything for you!
  1. Professional
    We have installed many stairlifts over many years and our engineers are trained and very experienced. Not only will we install your stairlift but we will back it up with our unrivalled after sales service. Any problems and you just have to let us know plus we will remind you annually when any servicing is required!

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